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WeParc Valet - Overtoom

Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat, 42D
Info sul parcheggio
Parking in Amsterdam? Nice challenge! Parking in Amsterdam is not one of the cheapest things in life. At Parclick we are happy to help you find an affordable option close to your destination! The Overtoom is a perfect location if you are looking for a central point where there’s loads to do. First of all, it is important that you reserve on time. At the time of your booking, you should go to number 42 Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat. There, somebody from WeParc Amsterdam will be waiting to bring your car to a secure and covered car park. Simple as that! The great thing about a valet service is that you don’t have to worry about finding a car park. You know the total costs in advance, so you just have to get to the meeting point and enjoy your day in the Dutch capital. What's up there? Take some time to relax and maybe to plan your day ... the best place to do so is in the Vondelpark. Here you can sit on the grass or next to the lake and eat a sandwich to plan your day in Amsterdam. For example, do you want to visit a museum? Then the museum square is definitely worth a visit. If you want to walk through the canal belt, you may want to walk more towards the city centre. You will have access to the heart of Amsterdam through the Leidseplein. We encourage you to visit the city by foot. However, the public transport is always a good solution if your must-sees are a little further apart.Leggi di meno
Orario del parcheggio
lunedì a domenica 07:30 - 22:30
Come accedere?

This is a valet service car park. ON THE DAY OF YOUR ARRIVAL:

1. One hour before you arrive at the meeting point, you'll receive an email message with the driver's details who will pick your car up. As well as a code, which you'll have to show to the driver, both when you leave your car, as well as when you want to pick it back up again.

2. A professional driver in a WeParc uniform will be waiting for you at the meeting point to pick your car up and park it in a monitored nearby car park. Make sure you take your Parclick reservation and email code with you.

3. To guarantee a quality service, when you hand over your car the driver will ask for the email code that you'll have been sent. After having taken your car, they will inspect it and take photos.


1. When your reservation ends, WeParc staff will deliver your vehicle to you at the same point where it was picked up. If you want to speed up the process for when you come back, call the phone that you will find in your reservation at least 2 hours before your car is due to be returned to you. You can also change the point of return of the vehicle by calling the driver well in advance.

2. To ensure that it is in fact your car that is being returned to you, show the driver the email code that was sent to you when you dropped it off.

3. Please note that the driver can wait for you at the meeting point at the agreed time for a maximum of 10 minutes.

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Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat 42

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Ho prenotato un car Valet ad Amsterdam. Mi aspettavo personale in divisa. Invece si è presentata una ragazza in ciabatte e pantaloncini. Lasciando la macchina a estranei sarebbe bene che il personale fosse più professionale e meglio riconoscibile.Leggi di meno

l adresse de RDV ne correspond à aucun parking physique puisque c’est un service Valet. Un petit écriteau avec le logo de la société nous aurez guidé, rassuré, et évité de perdre 20 min à la recherche d un parking fantôme. pour le contact physique : OKLeggi di meno

Das Fahrzeug wir abgeholt und außerhalb geparkt.

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